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Born (1992-09-14) September 14, 1992 (age 30)
OccupationTranslator, Author, TEDx Speaker, Researcher and Scholar in Translation Studies, Official Campus Ambassador at International Model United Nations, Member of Iranian Translators and Interpreters Association (ITIA)

Sougand Akbarian Template:BlueBadge (born 14 September 1992) is an Iranian bestseller translator, author, TEDx speaker, researcher, and scholar in Translation studies, Official Campus Ambassador at International Model United Nations, and Member of Iranian Translators and Interpreters Association (ITIA).

She is a translator of Indian literature into Farsi (Persian) language in Iran and she is also the bestselling author in India and all over the world by her debut book, SouganDilli in the English language.

She started her career as a translator in Iran by translating books from Indian authors and Indian literature into the Farsi language. She adopted her debut novel SouganDilli from a part of her own story and Delhi's travel. Reading and translating different books from Indian literature helped her to add author style in the English language besides Farsi translator.

Early Life:[edit | edit source]

Sougand Akbarian Template:BlueBadge was born in Iran and she is originally Iranian, where she spent her childhood and years of education. She is already living in Isfahan, Iran.

She received her Bachelor and Master in English Langauge, Translation Studies from universities in Iran.

She has many different travels in India as a traveler, translator, and interpreter and she also working as an English and Farsi teacher but her main focus is on writing as a translator and an author.

Writing Career:[edit | edit source]

Sougand's debut novel is based on a part of her real-life incident when she had her first Delhi, India travel, how her love flourished about her first Delhi travel, and then how it came to a book.

After a long term search, one of the greatest publishers in India, Damick Publications by Chandra Kant Jaisansaria published her book and made her dream come true in quarantine 2020. SouganDilli is also one of the Amazon Bestseller #1.

Events:[edit | edit source]

Sougand Akbarian was one of the international guest speakers at Global Literary Festival Noida 2020- (GLFN 2020) by Radio Noida 107.4.

Sougand Akbarian was also one of the international speakers at TEDx GNMS, (GEMS New Millennium School, Tedxgnms) Dubai, UAE 2020.

Novels:[edit | edit source]

SouganDilli… Indo-Iranian Adhuri Kahani (An incomplete Indo-Iranian story), Damick Publications, 2020[edit | edit source]

SouganDilli is an illustrated book in RomTravel (Romance + Travel) genre by an Iranian girl. It is based on Sougand’s Dill travel and her travelogue in the heart and capital of India, Dilli. That is why she kept the letter D in the capital, SouganDilli.

Anyone's life can change with a small incident forever. My life also changed, it has got a new and special color after my first travel to India and especially to Delhi (Dilli). My story, the SouganDevraj love story (Sougand & Devraj) is an Indo-Iranian story. Maybe this is rummy and strange to you, as there is no space between the names of these two persons and D is in common. Well, the D of Dilli is the end of SouganD and the beginning of Devraj! This book is more than just a genre. SouganDilli, is a love story, a novel which is a Safar Namah (Travelogue) of an Iranian girl in Delhi, India. A book that in many aspects is a real story.

Delhi is with D… Dunya (world) is with D

Dil (heart) is with D… Dard (pain) is with D

SouganD finishes with D, but Devraj starts with D

And Devraj's Deewangi (madness) is also with D…

Books Translated in Iran:[edit | edit source]

  1. White Nights (Shab Haye Roshan) by Fyodor Dostoevsky, 2019
  2. I Too Had a Love Story (Man Ham Dastane Aasheqanie Dashtam) by Ravinder Singh, 2019
  3. Trilingual Proverbs Dictionary into Hindi, English, and Persian, (Farhange se zabaneh zarbolmasalha hendi, engelisi, va farsi), 2018
  4. The Great Indian Diet (Aali Tareen Rezhem Qazaee Hendi) by Luke Coutinho and Shilpa Shetty Kundra, 2018

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