Subur Khan

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If it is about influencing the youth and becoming an example of the modern young entrepreneur, Subur Khan tops the list.

Subur KhanBlue Badge.png is the man and the mind who is creating a lot of buzz nowadays or should we say he is the young humanitarian and an influencer. who has already imprinted his name in the list of most celebrated entrepreneurs of India. If anything that is making the world go round with newer inventions and creativity, then youngsters are the ones who are taking the lead everywhere, in every business market.

The new ideas, strategies and concepts that these young minds bring about are something that is making all business industries more lucrative than ever. Khan, the 24-year-old young talented mind hails from Nimbahera, Rajasthan.

What’s even more amazing about this successful youngster is that with his growing presence in the world of entrepreneurship, he is making his presence felt across various social media platforms.

Nowadays almost every youngster wishes to become an influencer, not realizing the fact that it takes immense hard work and some noble work as well to reach out to people with quality content and that which also connects a chord with them.

Apart from being an intelligent young mind and entrepreneur, Subur has shown his business acumen and knowledge being an investor as well.

People of his age are still at crossroads to make a decision of their life and career, and Subur on the other hand is making each and every effort, whether small or big, to imprint his name in the most prominent list of entrepreneurs in the world. With every step that Subur takes in turning his goals into a reality, he is getting nearer to achieving increased digital presence through his social media platforms..