Swarup Solanki

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Swarup Solanki (born 7 May 2002) is the founder of Lookup Cyber Solutions Swarup has making app on Cyber Security al hacking and web defence.[1] He is an Indian Computer Scientist and self-proclaimed "ethical hacker" of computer systems, whose skills and ethics have been debated. His work mostly involves OS and networking based tips and tricks, proxy websites and lifestyle.[2]

He has also worked for government agencies and corporations to foolproof their system against terrorist attacks and is now working on securing digital India's smart city concept.

PERSONAL LIFE[edit | edit source]

Swarup was born in Surat, Gujarat, India. After graduating high from school, he found himself living on the street without steady work. He later managed to teach himself computer security and programming, despite lacking formal education in the field.[3] Media often use him as an example of how people can become successful in the IT industry by relying on their empirical knowledge and acumen, even without holding university degrees.

CAREER[edit | edit source]

Swarup is a first-generation entrepreneur who founded Lookup Cyber Solutions, an information technology company that provides business services and consulting, Swarup became sought-after among the corporate clients in India as well as on the conference speaking circuit.[4][5]

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