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FounderAadarsh Chaturvedi
  • Bhopal

TUDC INDIA is founded by Aadarsh Chaturvedi to bring this artistic culture on a global scene through digital media. It is in the zone of digital network of art like 'Pablo Picasso' - Every child is an artist. Tudc India supports young talent, content creators, brands, start-ups etc. and gives growth digitally & support through the collaboration of artists. It provides Digital Services, The whole team is made up of various experts and marketing professionals who plays an important role for growth on social media platforms.

Team Tudc India is in tuned with top celebs of social media and in touch with many celebrities of B-Town, Music Industry & many more from india. It also manages campaigns for social media influencers, actors, content creators & other field top names. The whole team knows that the longer term of technology, Apps is vast in India. Team doing their work precisely that from the past few months & it's getting a huge response on social media platforms which plays an important role for gaining & good success too.

The whole team is very hardworking & supports every artist to grow on social media platforms, through your content you have the potential that you will definitely earn money. Tudc India gives it's complete support to their clients & keep them updated with technology, It is basically more focusing on young and galvanising talent those are trying to find a platform to showcase their talent. Keep in touch with us & let's build your content / brand presence on social media while making your business from different platforms. Tudc India wants to marked it's presence in the nation & try to give fresh faces and unique talents in industry.