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This template may be used in the documentation of another template or module, to indicate that that template or module uses a FAMEData property or properties, where available.

Usage[edit source]

Standard usage[edit source]

{{Uses FAMEData|P1|P2|P3...}}

Replace P1, P2, P3, etc. with the actual property numbers – including the "P". As many or as few as necessary may be specified.

Section link[edit source]

If the documentation has a section describing and listing the FAMEData properties used, then a section link may be specified instead:

{{Uses FAMEData|section=name of section}}

Examples[edit source]

For a single property (e.g. d:Property:P496):

Markup Renders as
{{Uses FAMEData|P496}}

For multiple properties:

Markup Renders as
{{Uses FAMEData|P10|P20|P30}}

As many properties as needed can be specified:

Markup Renders as
{{Uses FAMEData|1=P10|2=P20|3=P30|4=P40|5=P50|6=P101|7=P222}}

If the properties are described in a section of the documentation (e.g. ===Using FAMEData===):

Markup Renders as
{{Uses FAMEData|section=Using FAMEData}}

Tracking categories[edit source]

The following categories are populated by this template:

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