Trupti Shah

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Trupti Shah
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Born (1990-08-20) August 20, 1990 (age 32)
Known forWon Title India Book of Records, for "maximum events anchored by a women"
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Trupti Shah is professional anchor from Ahmedabad. Recently she was featured in India Book of Records, for "maximum events anchored by a women".

Splitting ceaselessly from the honesty of a repetitive life Trupti Shah always needed to accomplish something else throughout everyday life. She’s a Triple Graduate, Doubles in Masters and an MPhil degree holder. Trupti initially hailing from the Godhra city decided to be a stay/moderator.

Essentially, an administration understudy, this excellent woman of a lovely character, has an incredible comical inclination. She is keen too who realizes how generally will be affable and keep them connected with for a considerable length of time.

A run of the mill Scorpion virtually, Trupti having a pizazz for social causes and appearances makes her an ideal fit for all sorts of occasions.  For her far-reaching nature to see each brand/title, she’s related with having a Midas contact to do magic on to anything, including her magnetic intrigue.