Tyrone Love

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Tyrone Love was born in Bath UK on 1st August, he is the cousin of fashion guru Gok Wan. Tyrone studied acting at the kings theatre stages school. later on he trained as a chef and in silver service where his skills were chosen to serve at the anniversary D-day banquet to the worlds heads of states including the royal family and the president of the united states among others. Tyrone is an accomplished musician and plays a number of instruments including piano, guitar, didgeridoo and more. He is in talks with the director of a new Kris Marshell film for one of his songs to be the end title track which he wrote especially for the film. He also played ,arranged , produced and recorded the song He moved from Kingston ,London to the south cost

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tyrone is also talented sportsman and has won many ten pin bowling tournaments. Also he is a qualified u.s.p.t.a tennis teacher.
  • Tyrone love was also a storm trooper in the rise of sky-walker.