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When you decide to get a dog, you might think buying it from the pet shop is your best option but it’s not. we all might have seen cute little puppies in the shop and 80 present chances are they came from puppy mills a breeding facility that forces caged, neglected and often sick dogs to produce puppies after puppies to be sold for profit well that’s how the nearby pet shop works, on other hand many beautiful and healthy animals end up in the animal shelter because of the unstable financial condition or abandonment by the owner or not having a home. Just by taking one small step you can help them and that is by deciding to adopt them instead of purchasing other from the pet shop. Animal shelter are full of amazing pets looking for their home and worthy people whom they can call their family. The dogs in the shelter are happier and healthier than those in pet shops. Just because a dog isn’t a purebred doesn’t mean they’re not worth owning. why come through the hassle of buying from a pet shop or a breeder to get a dog only for its breed just because it’s known for its specific characteristic or maybe you just want to flex it in front of your friends they are not made for flexing or comparing with others. A mix breed is unique they’re one of a kind. why should you even judge a dog on its breed instead of going to a shelter and needing a whole range of dogs to choose from. Small to big, puppies to adults you can find your companion that you always wanted. when you’re adopting your bestie not only you are saving a life but also standing against puppy mills which is a wonderful thing. Man’s best friend deserves better, they deserve good care, safety and love from their own family with your help we can save them all and give them a wonderful life that they deserve .

                                             -Aaditi Kumbhare-