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Z LaLa
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Background information
Also known asZ LaLa
Born (1992-07-06) July 6, 1992 (age 29)
Los Angeles, California
GenresWorld pop, reggae
Occupation(s)Singer, rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and Humanitarian
Years active2011–present
LabelsOmega Alpha Records
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Z LaLa (born July 6, 1992) is a Lebanese, Jamaican, Armenian, American singer, actress, rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. She is best known for singing in 21 different languages, including American Sign Language.[1][2][3] Her debut electro-pop album, Zilosophy, was released in October 2011.[4][5] Z LaLa is also well known for her eccentric costumes that bear resemblance to the outlandish style of Lady Gaga.[6][7] Her appearance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards received attention from publications such as Billboard, E! News, Business Insider, Yahoo!, and various others that featured Z Lala’s outfit on their most controversial lists.[8][9][10][11][12][13] Z LaLa's appearance at the 14th annual Latin Grammy Awards also generated buzz from news outlets such as The Washington Post and Latina Magazine. At the age of 14, Z LaLa won as best singer for Lil’ Wayne’s “Making the next Hit,” out of a total of 5 categories total. She turned down the opportunity to go to Atlanta to film the reality show.[14]

Early life and education[edit | edit source]

Z LaLa was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in a family of opera singers and theatrical performers.[15] When she was 12 years old, Z LaLa began performing at school functions and local competitions.[2] By the age of 14, she was competing internationally whilst doing performances at humanitarian events.[15]

Career[edit | edit source]

Z LaLa is best known for pushing the boundaries in the mainstream market for pop music as well as the imagery she projects in her music videos and on the red carpet, making her one of the most controversial pop artists of her time.[16] Singing in a total of 21 languages, Z LaLa released her first single, "Fly Away" in 14 different languages, including Spanish, French, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, German, Armenian, two Arabic dialects, Farsi, English, Urdu, Italian and American Sign Language.[17][18] In 2015, Z LaLa released the single Navigation Nightclub in 17 languages, including Armenian, English, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Tagalog, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Farsi, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew and sign language.[19]

The second single released by Z LaLa was "Sweet Dreams," a cover of the 1980s hit by Eurythmics. Her debut, self-written album, Zilosophy. One of her biggest successes was her hit song Strangers in the Night which climbed up the charts eventually hitting #10 on the Billboard dance charts. It was especially popular within the LGBTQ community who helped It's charting position.[20]

Z LaLa has partnered with several companies for product endorsements such as Hayari Paris, presenting the company's new fragrance "Only For Her." And she has been the brand ambassador for Manic Panic, Fashion Nova, Akira, Shake it Baby, and Flat Tummy Co.. She launched a 3 year limited time fashion line called "Z-Thru".[20]

Discography[edit | edit source]

Zilosophy (released October 2011)[5]

  • Abricadabra
  • Sexual Sandy
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Alien Lover
  • Hit 'Um Back
  • Bang Bang, I Shot My Baby Down
  • Hush, Be Quiet, Cocky
  • Flyaway
  • War in My Head
  • Z LaLa (Je 'Taime)

Singles[edit | edit source]

  • Navigation Nightclub (English)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Spanish)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Armenian)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Arabic)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Indonesian)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Japanese)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Hindi)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Korean)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Sign)
  • Navigation Nightcllub (Tagalog)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Portuguese)
  • Navigation Nightclub (Mandarin)
  • Sexual Sandy Remix
  • Sweet Dreams (Are made of This)
  • Do That feat. Demolition
  • My Money (Ha Ha) feat. Stevey Fre$h
  • Flyaway (English)
  • Flyaway (Armenian)
  • Flyaway (Levantine Arabic)
  • Flyaway (Iraqui Arabic)
  • Flyaway (Spanish)
  • Flyaway (French)
  • Flyaway (Urdu)
  • Flyaway (Farsi)
  • Flyaway (Ukrainian)
  • Flyaway (Hebrew)
  • Flyaway (Korean)
  • Flyaway (Italian)
  • Flyaway (Sign Language)
  • Flyaway (German)

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Title Release date Album
"Flyaway" 2011 Zilosophy
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" 2013 Single
"Blue Monday" 2014 Single
2015 Single
"Strangers in the Night" 2017 Single