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Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land area, located in North America. It is known for its diverse and beautiful landscapes, including vast forests, rugged mountains, stunning coastlines, and pristine lakes. Here are some key facts about Canada:

1. **Capital:** Ottawa
2. **Largest City:** Toronto
3. **Official Languages:** English and French (with French being predominantly spoken in the province of Quebec)
4. **Government:** Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. The country’s head of state is the British monarch (currently Queen Elizabeth II), represented in Canada by the Governor General. The head of government is the Prime Minister.
5. **Population:** As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Canada’s population was over 38 million. It is known for its cultural diversity and is home to people from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures.
6. **Economy:** Canada has a highly developed economy, with a strong focus on natural resources, including oil, minerals, and forestry. It also has a robust manufacturing and services sector.
7. **Wildlife:** Canada is rich in wildlife, with iconic animals such as moose, bears, beavers, and a variety of bird species. It is also known for its contributions to conservation efforts and national parks.
8. **Natural Wonders:** Canada boasts natural wonders such as the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, and the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).
9. **Culture:** Canadian culture is influenced by Indigenous traditions, British and French heritage, as well as diverse immigrant communities. It is known for its literature, music, and film industry.
10. **Healthcare:** Canada has a publicly funded healthcare system known as Medicare, providing access to medical services for all residents.

Canada is celebrated for its commitment to social welfare, inclusivity, and environmental conservation.

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