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About us

About FAMEPedia: Bringing You Unbiased News

Our Mission: Informing the World, Honestly

At FAMEPedia, we are an independent news organization driven by a singular mission: to provide our readers with accurate and unbiased news. We firmly believe that journalism should be unrestricted and offer an honest view of the world as it stands today.

A Growing News Source: Expanding Reach

As a dedicated team, our dream was to create FAMEPedia, which has now evolved into India’s most trustworthy news source. Over the years, FAMEPedia has expanded its reach from a respected local news source to one that reaches millions of people worldwide. To keep pace with the ever-changing world, we continuously enhance our brand with fresh designs and materials, regularly update our website, and reinvest in the technologies that support and elevate our reputation.

Our Mission: The Backbone of Our Work

While preserving authenticity and dependability, our mission is to remain India’s primary source of digital news. Every day, we strive to deliver factual news that keeps millions of people around the world well-informed.

Questioning the Impact of Media

We often ponder how many of our challenges could be resolved if not for the media we consume daily. News is undeniably crucial. It provides insights into the lives of others and keeps us informed about our surroundings. However, far too often, the information we receive from the media is biased and distorts our view of reality, leading to problems. Today’s challenges often proliferate due to skewed media reports, and we are determined to break this harmful cycle.

Our Core Values: A Commitment to Integrity

Our founder, Sunil Butolia, instilled a strong commitment to humanity, ethical journalism, and the highest standards of integrity. Four core values guide our work:

  1. Accurate and Unbiased Reporting: We report the news accurately and truthfully, without external influence.
  2. Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest: We steer clear of actions that could lead to conflicts of interest.
  3. Maintaining Journalistic Integrity: We safeguard our reporting ability and remain one step ahead of ethical considerations.
  4. Striving for Objectivity: We follow strict standards and practices to prevent bias and inaccuracies in our news gathering and delivery.

Our Commitment: Promoting Quality Journalism

We base our commitment on five key principles:

  1. Professionalism: We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, delivering accurate, objective, and ethical journalism.
  2. Responsiveness: We remain up-to-date with the latest news and events, ensuring timely and responsive coverage.
  3. Integrity: We prioritize integrity, conducting thorough research, fact-checking, and verification to deliver reliable and trustworthy news.
  4. Media Literacy: We promote media literacy by providing context, analysis, and diverse perspectives to help our audience navigate the complex news landscape.
  5. Engagement: We foster an engaged community by encouraging dialogue, interaction, and participation, allowing our audience to actively shape the news and media landscape.

A Fresh Approach to News Consumption: Our Vision

In a world increasingly burdened by repetitive and sensationalized news, we believe in reimagining journalism and reporting. We offer a platform for individuals seeking independent and fact-based news coverage. Our approach is rooted in trust, and our readers can count on us to deliver news with objectivity and in-depth coverage.

Our Company: FAMEPedia – Advancing Digital News

At FAMEPedia, we are driven by trust, a trust earned through our unwavering commitment to the truth. Our tagline, “Advancing digital news,” represents our dedication to providing a comprehensive digital news experience. Whether the stories revolve around politics, business, sports, international affairs, opinion, or other areas, we present them with an unwavering commitment to objectivity.

The FAMEPedia Family

FAMEPedia is part of Duloit Technologies, an Indian-based corporation, with Sunil Butolia at the helm. We rely on reader donations to cover operating costs, ensuring that we can continue to provide factual and unbiased news. Your contributions directly support our commitment to quality journalism and ethical reporting. Read more at our funding page.