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Occupation: Internet celebrity

An “internet celebrity” is an individual who has gained significant recognition, popularity, and a large following on the internet, often through social media platforms, websites, or other online channels. Internet celebrities are known for their online presence and the content they produce, which can encompass a wide range of activities such as entertainment, humor, gaming, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, or any other niche. They have achieved fame and notoriety by capturing the attention and interest of a substantial online audience.

Internet celebrities may have amassed millions of followers, subscribers, or fans across various online platforms. They are often admired for their talent, creativity, authenticity, or relatability, and their content resonates with a broad online community. Internet celebrities may monetize their fame through advertising deals, brand endorsements, merchandise sales, or other revenue-generating activities related to their online persona.

These individuals are distinct from traditional celebrities, as their rise to fame is primarily driven by the internet, and they may not have the same level of recognition in offline or mainstream media. The term “internet celebrity” reflects the changing landscape of fame in the digital age, where online content creators can achieve widespread acclaim and influence without the need for traditional media outlets.