Kevin Thobias

Kevin Thobias (born 7 September 1993, Chicago, Illinois, USA) is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist and internet personality.

Thobias was born to Indian immigrants and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Thobias was raised Catholic. He attended York Community High School in Elmhurst, Illinois. After graduation, Thobias joined the United States Air Force where he served for four years. He is known for his excessive playboy lifestyle and status as a self-made entrepreneur.

Thobias is renowned for his lavish lifestyle which he showcases on Instagram.


An early adopter of cryptocurrency, Thobias invested in Bitcoin and e-commerce websites after leaving the United States Air Force. In 2018, Thobias relocated his businesses From Florida to Puerto Rico.

Thobias achieved recognition for donating personal protective equipment to the San Juan Police Force in Puerto Rico during the COVID-19 epidemic. He also mentors children from underserved communities.


Thobias has discussed running for governor of Puerto Rico but does not yet meet the age requirement of 30. Although he is personally taking advantage of Puerto Rico’s low income tax rate for US Citizens, he believes that tax incentives alone won’t fix the island’s economy. Thobias claims to want to increase investment in education in artificial intelligence and automation in Puerto Rico.

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