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Recently Sunilbutolia blocked Ugochimobi with thr reason "Misuse of rights". It was decided unilaterally by Sunilbutolia with no community input or a warning to Ugochimobi thereby violating the policy. Upon other editors investigation and intervention in the matter, Sunilbutolia clearly said that Ugochimobi were deleting there personal entities which were either nonsense or non-notable articles related to his family members and friends which warranted the deletion.

Sunilbutolia was the one who stated the the creation of self-promotional articles on the wiki for his family members and friends followed by many of his friends and colleagues, which has now flooded the whole wiki.

Sunilbutolia agrees that Ugochimobi has done a lot of good work to the wiki, but refuses to unblock them. They demand that Ugo create a new account and can edit the wiki using that account. It looks like he is being jelous from the Ugo for being the leading figure, while Sunil was out somewhere.

Sunilbutolia failed to give a vaild reason for the block, they believe Ugochimobi promoted administrators of their own choice but he is totally wrong, they were elected by the community at FP:RfA. For hai information, see this and this He even created an immature and FP:NOTNOW RfA of a user editing in good faith who even accepted. I don't know what he is going to think when someone closes that RfA as NOTNOW or when it fails if, they are even considered.

Sunilbutolia even made baseless claims that, we are the sockpuppets of Ugochimobi which is likely because we opposed his block action and he never expected this.

He doesn't believe in FP community his words seems to indicate:here, here and here otherwise. I still wonder how Ugochimobi misbehaved to warrant being blocked because I can only see positive contributions with no red flag in the whole history.

They didn't provide any response to the question put forward by Raidarr. In fact, they participated in any VP or other community discussion.

With this wrong judgement as an administrator, I am proposing to unblock Ugochimobi and desysop and de-crat Sunilbutolia. Sunilbutolia will will be free to edit the wiki, but it looks like the community doesn't trust him with the tools which is evident from User talk:Sunilbutolia#Hi. --Magogre (talk) 12:14, 11 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Support[edit | edit source]

  1. Symbol support vote.svg Support, he has indeed been careless for the wiki, he abused power falsely blocked someone and told them they could use an alt which Goes Aginst the wiki's policies, with all this being said, the best thing as proposed is to unblock Joseph, and Remove all groups from Sunibutolia, IMHO without Joseph the wiki would be hereby doomed however i feel a demotion on Sunilbutolia would be best for the wiki --Cocopuff2018 (talk) 16:11, 11 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]

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