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Antarapata Web Series

Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Genre: Drama

Directed by: Swapna Krishna


  • Thanvi Balraj
  • Chandan Gowda

Country of origin: India
Original language: Kannada
No. of episodes: 296


  • Producer: Swapna Krishna
  • Camera setup: Multi-camera
  • Production company: RRR Creations

Original release:

  • Network: Colors Kannada
  • Release: 24 April 2023 – present

Antarapata is an Indian Kannada language drama television series that premiered on 24 April 2023 on Colors Kannada.

Antarapata narrates the journey of Aradhana, a determined individual striving to establish her own company despite facing opposition from her step-father, Mahesh, and battling financial struggles. Her encounter with Sushanth Raj, a wealthy individual ousted from his home, leads to an unexpected bond as they support each other’s aspirations. Together, they venture into the wedding planning business. However, Aradhana’s ethical stand against dowry costs her job, revealing her tumultuous past to Sushanth. Despite initial shock, Sushanth’s love compels him to stand by Aradhana, leading to the inception of their company, Antarapata. As their relationship deepens, secrets unravel, including Sushanth’s true identity as the son of Dharmendra Pradhan, whose actions indirectly impacted Aradhana’s life. Amidst family conflicts and hidden truths, Aradhana navigates her role as Sushanth’s wife and her pursuit of justice, eventually carving her path as a successful entrepreneur with Antarapata.


  • Thanvi Balraj as Aradhana
  • Chandan Gowda as Sushanth
  • Manju Pavagada as Mahesha
  • Jyothi Kiran as Revathi
  • Vittal Kamath as Sandy
  • Sharmila Chandrasekhar as Amala
  • S. Narayan as Dharmendra Raj Pradhan
  • Akshata Ganesh as Savitri
  • Anusha Kini as Kanchana
  • Pratima as Siri
  • Murthy as Dharma’s friend
  • Vinay Ram as Ganapati
  • Raghavi as Disha

Antarapata marks Swapna Krishna’s debut production venture on Colors Kannada. The series’ first promo aired on 14 January 2023, with the premiere on 24 April 2023.

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