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Ownership & Funding Information

Funding at FAMEPedia: Supporting Independent Journalism

At FAMEPedia, we believe in transparency when it comes to how we are funded. FAMEPedia is a part of Duloit Technologies, a registered corporation based in India, with Sunil Butolia at the helm.

Advertising (45%)

To maintain our independence and provide our readers with quality content, we rely on third-party advertising, including platforms like Google Adsense. These advertising partners generate content based on your search history, cookies, and the content you’re currently viewing on our site. We want you to know that the advertisements you see on our platform are not under our direct control. By using third-party advertising, we avoid being influenced by specific businesses, individuals, or political groups. Our primary goal is to provide valuable content that keeps our readers coming back to the site, as consistent page views enable us to effectively monetize through advertising.

Donations (50%)

FAMEPedia accepts donations from individuals through platforms such as Paypal or Patreon. We do not accept financial support from organizations, companies, foundations, think tanks, elected officials, or political parties. Our commitment to impartial and unbiased reporting is reflected in our funding sources. We rely on the generosity of individual readers who believe in our mission to deliver accurate and trustworthy news.

Expenses: A Balanced Approach

FAMEPedia incurs typical operational costs associated with a medium-sized website, serving a monthly readership of 1 to 5+ million users. While our core team consists of dedicated volunteers, we also provide financial compensation for services rendered. The exact remuneration may vary based on the volume of work and our revenue flow. This approach ensures that we maintain the quality of our reporting while effectively managing our financial resources.

We are dedicated to the highest standards of journalism and integrity. Your support, whether through donations or by engaging with our content, enables us to continue providing the reliable and informative news coverage that you rely on. Thank you for being a part of the FAMEPedia community and supporting independent journalism.