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Babbu Rana, whose real name is Muhammad Babar Siddiq, is a prominent rising star comedian hailing from Pakistan.

Babbu Rana

Last Updated: October 27, 2023

Babbu Rana, whose real name is Muhammad Babar Siddiq, is a prominent rising star comedian hailing from Pakistan. He has gained recognition for his outstanding contributions to Pakistani television, particularly in popular TV shows like “Khabardaar,” “Khabarzar,” “Khabaryar,” and “Aap Kay Sitaray.” Babbu is an integral part of the comedy show “Khabardaar,” which is currently airing on the Urdu-language TV channel Express-News. In addition to his television work, he has also made appearances in various stage plays.

Early Life and Family
Babbu Rana was born on July 10, 1981, in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. As of 2022, he is 41 years old and resides in Faisalabad with his family. While information about his spouse and children is not available, it is known that he is married. Babbu Rana has two brothers, one known as Hamid Rangila and the other named Muhammad Saeed Qadri. Another sibling of Babbu Rana is a Naat Khawa (reciter of Islamic poetry) who is also involved in the same field as Babbu Rana.

Babbu Rana’s journey in the entertainment industry began in Faisalabad, where he stumbled into showbiz somewhat accidentally. He initially wrote and directed a stage play in Faisalabad, which marked his first venture into production. Despite initial apprehension, he ended up performing in the play himself and delivered an excellent performance. His association with the theater scene continued, leading him to meet Babu Baral, a prominent figure in Pakistani comedy. Under Babu Baral’s mentorship, Babbu Rana honed his skills and adopted the stage name “Babbu Rana.”

Babbu Rana’s career spanned over a decade in the theater, during which he also ventured into music education and performed songs in a comedic manner, earning significant acclaim. His collaboration with Aftab’s group in the “Khabarnaak” show further solidified his presence in the comedy scene.

In 2015, Babbu Rana received a breakthrough when he was cast in a notable role in “Khabardaar,” a comedy satire program aired on Express-News. His character gained prominence in the show’s second season. Additionally, he lent his voice to the puppet character “Noni” in the comedy series “Aap Kay Sitaray” and voiced a tool named “Lombard” in the online show “Mehkma-e-Makholiat.” Babbu Rana has also made frequent appearances in digital displays on the program “Open Mic Cafe.”

Interesting Facts

  • Babbu Rana’s real name is Muhammad Babar Siddiq, but it was Babu Baral who gave him the stage name “Babbu Rana.”
  • He is a versatile artist, excelling in various roles such as a writer, actor, singer, composer, musician, and stand-up comedian.
  • Babbu Rana has a deep connection to music and once aspired to be a Naat Khawan (Islamic poetry reciter). His elder brother is also a Naat reciter.
  • He pursued music education under the guidance of Ustaad Babar Naseer and later became an instructor for the renowned musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
  • Babbu Rana’s career started at a young age when he participated in Radio competitions and won prizes.
  • His professional journey began in Faisalabad and later expanded to Okara, where he played in numerous dramas. Eventually, he made his mark in Lahore’s stage dramas, earning recognition for his parody songs.
  • Babbu Rana has lent his voice to many parody songs and has even contributed to songs in movies.
  • He was a student of the legendary actor and comedian Babu Baral, who bestowed upon him the name “Babbu Rana.”
  • Babbu Rana is married and has a child.
  • One of his most beloved songs is “Tery Mast Mast Do Nan” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
  • Babbu Rana is known for his educational background as well.
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