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Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta is an American attorney known for representing consumers, workers, and a broad range of clients in Supreme Court and appellate cases and constitutional, class action, and complex litigation.

Deepak Gupta

Last Updated: October 27, 2023

Deepak Gupta (born September 14, 1977) is an American attorney known for his expertise in Supreme Court and appellate cases, constitutional law, class actions, and complex litigation. He is the founding principal of Gupta Wessler LLP, a prestigious law firm, and serves as a lecturer at Harvard Law School, where he instructs in the Harvard Supreme Court Litigation Clinic.

Early Life and Education:
Deepak Gupta earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Fordham University before obtaining his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center. During his studies, he also pursued Sanskrit at the University of Oxford in England. Following his education, he gained valuable experience by working as a law clerk for Judge Lawrence K. Karlton.

Deepak Gupta has an impressive career in academia and public service. He currently holds a position as a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School and instructs students in the Harvard Supreme Court Litigation Clinic. He has previously served as a Wasserstein Public Interest Fellow at Harvard Law School and taught as an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown Law and American University’s Washington College of Law.

Prior to entering private practice, Gupta held a senior position at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In 2012, he established the law firm now known as Gupta Wessler PLLC. Before this, he spent seven years at the Public Citizen Litigation Group, where he served as a staff attorney and played key roles in founding the Consumer Justice Project and the Alan Morrison Supreme Court Assistance Project Fellow. He also contributes his expertise to various organizations and academic research institutes, serving on the boards of the Open Markets Institute, the National Consumer Law Center, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Additionally, Gupta is an appointed member of the Administrative Conference of the United States and an elected member of the American Law Institute.

Deepak Gupta’s exceptional legal skills and reputation have earned him recognition in the legal community. Law360 has referred to him as “one of the emerging giants of the appellate and Supreme Court bar,” recognizing his talent and principled approach to the law.

Notable Cases:
Throughout his career, Deepak Gupta has been involved in several notable cases, demonstrating his expertise and impact in the legal field. Some of his significant cases include:

  1. Court-Appointed Amicus: In 2019, Gupta became the first Asian-American attorney to be invited by the U.S. Supreme Court to argue as a court-appointed amicus, supporting a judgment that was not defended by the U.S. Solicitor General.
  2. Ford Motor Co. v. Montana Eighth Judicial Dist.: In 2021, Gupta argued and achieved a unanimous ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court, setting jurisdictional limits under the Due Process Clause for consumer product liability lawsuits.
  3. Nationwide Class Action Settlement: In 2022, Gupta led a lawsuit challenging fees for access to the PACER electronic records system, resulting in a $125-million nationwide class action settlement against the federal judiciary.
  4. Expressions Hair Design v. Schneiderman: Gupta successfully represented retail merchants before the United States Supreme Court in a First Amendment challenge to a law aimed at concealing credit card costs.
  5. AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion: Gupta served as the respondent’s advocate in this landmark case before the United States Supreme Court. The case centered on the validity of forced arbitration clauses used by companies to suppress group claims. Gupta is a prominent advocate against forced arbitration clauses.

Deepak Gupta’s remarkable legal career and notable contributions have solidified his reputation as a respected attorney, known for his dedication to consumer rights, workers’ rights, and constitutional matters. His expertise and principled approach continue to shape the legal landscape, earning him the admiration of his peers and the trust of his clients.

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