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Diana Susanti

Diana Susanti


Diana Susanti, known as The New Papuan Star, has left an indelible mark through her influential works, including "Gugur Bunga," "Beginning," "Terima Kasihku, Guruku," and many more. Hailing from the vibrant region of Mimika in West Papua.

Diana Susanti

Last Updated: October 22, 2023

Diana Susanti, known as The New Papuan Star, has left an indelible mark through her influential works, including “Gugur Bunga,” “Beginning,” “Terima Kasihku, Guruku,” and many more. Hailing from the vibrant region of Mimika in West Papua and currently residing in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Diana is driven by her unyielding passion to share essential spiritual values with the world through her unique music styles. She is not only a remarkable musician but also a dedicated activist and entrepreneur, earning her the title of “New Spirit from the East.”

Born in Timika, West Papua, on April 6, 2003, Diana’s upbringing in Timika, a place of diverse cultures, instilled in her a deep sense of tolerance and harmony towards others. Her natural talent in music was evident from an early age, as she took on the role of a music conductor in her school choir team during her elementary school years. Her teacher recognized that music was ingrained in her soul, making her grasp the intricacies of music effortlessly, especially classical music. While many know her for her religious music, she is also a gifted music composer and a multi-instrumentalist. From an early age, Diana learned to compose music using instruments such as Piano, Violin, Santoor, and Oud.

For Diana, music is an expression of Divine Love, and her work has always carried a profound sense of the Divine. She draws inspiration from Sayyidah Rabiatul Adawiyyah’s philosophy of Divine Love, and her music reflects the essence of her heart: Love. Although her foundation is in classical and traditional musical systems, Diana now prefers using classical instruments such as Piano and Violin, along with Persian (and Azerbaijani) traditional instruments like Santoor, Oud, Kamanche, and Tar. On occasion, she also incorporates Papuan Traditional Instruments like Tifa into her compositions. Diana’s music, as showcased in her albums “New Life” and “Samara,” is a fusion of dynamic rhythms and interwoven melodies that evoke both power and beauty.

With over 950,000 physical albums sold to date, Diana Susanti’s music holds a global influence that resonates throughout continents. It resonates with people from all corners of the world, conveying essential messages of yearning for love, peace, and the Divine. Her use of global rhythms and melodies, combined with her spiritual vision, captivates listeners worldwide. Diana continues to inspire others through her music and activism.

Diana has coined her own music genre, “Classiceastique,” which seamlessly combines traditional and classical music styles from renowned European Classical Music to Papuan Traditional Music. In her pursuit of nurturing and empowering local musicians, she has founded the Classiceastique Foundation. She frequently collaborates with musicians from diverse religious backgrounds, bringing together individuals from both Muslim and Christian communities. Through this effort, Diana hopes to foster a sense of unity by highlighting the common values that transcend religious differences, serving as a starting point for a lasting peace.

Diana Susanti’s contributions extend beyond her musical talents. She serves as a local ambassador for the UN World Food Program in the Papua Region and also as an ambassador for Rumah Keluarga Indonesia. Her humanitarian work includes composing and performing “Samara” for local charity causes, further reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact. Additionally, Diana is the founder of the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Foundation.

Here are some of Diana Susanti’s major accomplishments:

  • Over 950,000 Physical Copies Sold to Date
  • Dubbed as “The New Spirit from The East” by PCNU Timika
  • A Papuan Artist whose influence spans Asia, Africa, Europe, and America
  • Youngest musician invited by local music composers to visit Iran and Azerbaijan for learning purposes
  • Youngest Papuan Entrepreneur who established her own company
  • Re-arranged Indonesian National Songs like “Indonesia Pusaka,” “Tanah Airku,” and “Gugur Bunga” as per the request of the Indonesian Government
  • Promotes harmony between major religions through the Classiceastique Foundation

Diana Susanti’s commitment to music, peace, and humanitarian causes continues to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Disclaimer: This biography is provided by the Curator Team of Anaste Stars Managements, based on their evaluation and interviews with Diana Susanti. It is sourced from her official website.

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