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Farooq Abdal


Dr Farooq Abdal is an esteemed entrepreneur and visionary, serving as the Founder and Managing Director of the BST Group of Companies.

Farooq Abdal

Last Updated: March 9, 2024

Dr Farooq Abdal Founder and
Managing Director of the BST Group

Dr Farooq Abdal is an esteemed entrepreneur and visionary, serving as the Founder and Managing Director of the BST Group of Companies. With a wealth of experience exceeding five years, he has become a prominent figure in the blockchain and gemstone industry. Driven by a passionate com- mitment to democratising financial opportunities, he has pioneered the tokenisation of the rare and precious Kashmir blue sapphire inventory, positioning it as a valuable commodity on global stock exchanges.

Innovating at the intersection of technology and well-being, Dr Abdal introduced the groundbreaking Bio Sapphire AMized Fusion Technology (BSAFT) and crafted the Bio-Sapphire Bracelet, providing complete protection against radiations and electromagnetic frequencies. Committed to regulatory compliance, he spearheads the launch of BSTC, the first fully decentralised security token backed by the world’s largest collection of Kashmir blue sapphires. Supported by the Native Token of the latest RWA Tokenisation Blockchain, BST CHAIN, this venture marks a significant leap in the digital asset space.

Dr Abdal’s mission extends beyond business, as he envisions securing the future distribution of Kash- mir blue sapphires and contributing to smart city projects worldwide. With a focus on generating substantial employment and championing the Sapphire Wealth Project, he strives to distribute this natural treasure widely. His commitment to innovation is further evident in the E-Sapphire Mining platform, facilitating smart digital mining of sapphires.

At the helm of the BST Group, Dr Abdal has positioned it as a pioneering wealth management plat- form, integrating ring-fencing strategies for institutional investors and Ibanized personal accounts for individuals. The flagship projects, Blue Sapphire of Kashmir and E-Sapphire (BST) underscore his dedication to innovation. The group also stands as the founder of the Credible Digital Asset and Social Map Monetizing system.

A thought leader in cryptocurrency, Dr Abdal introduced BST as one of the first cryptocurrencies, offering a unique solution to empower diverse stakeholders with financial freedom. Since its initiation in 2019, headquartered in Dubai, BST, under Dr. Abdal’s leadership, aims to transform the present economic landscape into a vibrant, secure, and prosperous one. His visionary approach aligns with fostering wealth circulation, effectively addressing the limitations of conventional financial systems. Email
[email protected] Website.: bstchain.io

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