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Mélanie Laurent


Mélanie Laurent (born 21 February 1983) is a French actress, filmmaker and singer. The recipient of two César Awards and a Lumières Award, she is an accomplished actress in the French film industry.

Mélanie Laurent

Last Updated: October 28, 2023

Mélanie Laurent is a versatile French actress, filmmaker, and singer. Born on February 21, 1983, in Paris, France, she comes from a Jewish family with Polish-Jewish and Tunisian-Jewish heritage. Laurent’s acting career began at the age of 16 when she was introduced to the world of film by Gérard Depardieu.

She gained recognition in French cinema with roles in films like “Don’t Worry, I’m Fine,” for which she won a César Award for Most Promising Actress. Her breakthrough came with Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds,” where she played Shosanna Dreyfus, earning critical acclaim.

Laurent’s career expanded to Hollywood, where she appeared in films like “Beginners,” “Now You See Me,” and “Enemy.” She also voiced characters in animated films like “Epic” and “Inside Out.”

In addition to her acting career, Mélanie Laurent is an accomplished director. Her directorial debut, “The Adopted,” was released in 2011, followed by “Respire” and the documentary “Tomorrow,” which won a César Award. She also directed “Galveston.”

Outside of the entertainment industry, Laurent is known for her activism, particularly in environmental and humanitarian causes. She has supported campaigns against overfishing and climate change.

She released her debut studio album, “En t’attendant,” in 2011, which featured songs co-written and co-produced by Irish folk musician Damien Rice.

Laurent is married and has two children, and the family resides in Los Angeles. Despite her success, she remains committed to French cinema and her passion for writing and directing.

This multi-talented artist has received various awards throughout her career, including César Awards and accolades for her acting and directorial work. Mélanie Laurent continues to make significant contributions to the world of film and art.

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