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Michelle Ritter


Michelle Ritter is the CEO of Steel Perlot, got attention for close relationship with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

    Alumni of
  • Graduated from Columbia Law School in 2021
  • BA in Economics from John Hopkins University

Michelle Ritter

Last Updated: October 29, 2023

Michelle Ritter is a 29-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Steel Perlot, a startup incubator that has gained attention due to her close association with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Ritter’s background and journey into the world of business and technology reflect a compelling story.

Hailing from an academic background, Michelle Ritter graduated from Columbia Law School in 2021. Prior to entering the startup scene, she gained experience as a cybersecurity research assistant at the Department of Homeland Security and worked as a summer intern at the law firm Skadden. This legal foundation and interest in tech-related areas would later prove invaluable as she ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.

The relationship between Ritter and Eric Schmidt reportedly began when they were introduced through a connection at Columbia Law School, a connection that would later evolve into a romantic relationship. This connection, and subsequent romantic entanglement, played a significant role in the launch of Steel Perlot, which was initiated by the pair.

As the CEO of Steel Perlot, Michelle Ritter has overseen its journey, managing its operations, investments, and strategic direction. The company has become involved in a wide range of verticals, including AI, crypto, and payment processing. Under Ritter’s leadership, Steel Perlot has managed substantial investments and launched companies such as the decentralized banking platform Knox Networks.

The nature of her relationship with Eric Schmidt has brought public scrutiny and speculation about their collaboration in Steel Perlot. The business partnership between Ritter and Schmidt, despite their personal relationship, has become a subject of curiosity in the tech industry.

Despite the controversy and rumors surrounding her relationship with Eric Schmidt, Michelle Ritter has emerged as a notable figure in the tech and startup world. Her ability to lead a startup incubator and secure substantial investments in various technology sectors demonstrates her entrepreneurial drive and ambition. The future of Steel Perlot remains uncertain, but Michelle Ritter’s journey and leadership in the tech space continue to be a source of interest and intrigue.

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