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Priti Jain


Priti Jain is an American physician based in New York, United States who specializes in emergency medicine and internal medicine.

Priti Jain

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

Priti Jain is an American physician based in New York, United States who specializes in emergency medicine and internal medicine.[1] Her present and past affiliations with medical facilities include Long Island Jewish Medical CenterMontefiore Wakefield Campus (formerly Our Lady of Mercy), Greenwich Hospital, and The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

Jain, along with her husband, has had the privilege of being interviewed by prestigious news channels such as ITV Gold, Asia TV, CBS, News 12, and others, both in New York City and Long Island. These interviews have shed light on their expertise and contributions in their field.

In terms of affiliations, Jain has established herself as an active member of the healthcare community. She is affiliated with Greenwich Hospital and Montefiore Wakefield Hospital, where she likely contributes her medical knowledge and skills to benefit patients.

Jain’s involvement extends beyond medical practice; she is a member of various esteemed organizations. These include the Women Presidents Organization, which celebrates and supports women entrepreneurs, and the Urgent Care Association of America, demonstrating her commitment to delivering timely medical care. Her affiliation with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine reflects an interest in the intersection of health and the environment, while her membership in the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin showcases her ties to the Indian medical community in the United States.

Moreover, Jain holds memberships in professional medical associations, including the American College of Emergency Physicians, the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, and the Emergency Medicine Residents Association. These memberships highlight her dedication to the advancement of emergency medicine and the well-being of patients.

Jain’s engagement in the East Williston Union Free School District’s Board Of Education committees underscores her commitment to education and community. Her efforts in facilitating school holidays for Diwali and Eid within the district exemplify her dedication to cultural inclusivity and recognition of diverse traditions.

In the realm of academic contributions, Jain has authored significant publications. Her 1994 publication titled “Influence of cessation of smoking in long-term survival in CHD,” co-authored with Gupta R and Gupta KD, is featured in Annals of the National Academy of Medical Sciences. Another notable publication from 1992, “Influence of mild to moderate treated HTN on the 9-11 year mortality in patients with pre-existing CHD,” authored by Gupta R, Gupta KD, and Kasliwal Priti, appears in the Journal of Human Hypertension. These publications underscore her contributions to medical research and knowledge.

In summary, Jain’s professional journey is marked by her medical affiliations, organizational memberships, community involvement, and noteworthy contributions to medical literature. Her dedication to healthcare and her community is evident throughout her extensive career.

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