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Robert Topala

Entrepreneur, Programmer

Robert Nicholas Christian Topala (born 23 February 1987), also known as RobTop or RubRub, is an independent Swedish video game developer who created the platformer game Geometry Dash.

Robert Topala

Last Updated: October 27, 2023

Robert Nicholas Christian Topala, widely known as RobTop or RubRub, is a prominent Swedish video game developer renowned for his creation of the platformer game Geometry Dash.

Born on 23 February 1987 in Sweden, RobTop initially pursued civil engineering at university. However, his passion for video game development led him to create his first game, Bounce Ball Thingy, on Newgrounds in 2010. Fueled by his growing interest in the gaming industry, he decided to abandon his studies and embarked on a solo journey into game development.

In 2012, RobTop established his own game development company, RobTop Games. Under this banner, he released his first game, Boomlings, in November 2012, marking the beginning of his noteworthy career. Subsequent titles like Memory Mastermind (2013) and Boomlings MatchUp (2013) showcased his dedication to crafting engaging and innovative gaming experiences.

However, it was in April 2013 that RobTop gained widespread recognition with the announcement of Geometry Jump, later known as Geometry Dash. Despite having limited programming knowledge at the time, he developed the game in just four months. Geometry Dash was officially launched in August 2013 for mobile devices and later for Steam in December 2014, extending its reach to Microsoft Windows and macOS.

RobTop’s talent and his homegrown business model earned him a place as a finalist in the 2017 Swedish Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition, where he secured the second position.

In 2018, RobTop Games made a significant move by acquiring Fäbodarna AB for approximately five million krona (around $480,000). RobTop, however, maintains a reserved stance when it comes to his personal life. He is married to Annika Dennerståhl and resides in Upplands Väsby as of 2018.

RobTop’s impact on the gaming world is undeniable, and his creation, Geometry Dash, continues to captivate players with its challenging gameplay and iconic music. His journey from a university student to a successful independent game developer exemplifies the power of passion and determination in the world of gaming.

Video Games by RobTop:

  • 2012: Boomlings (iOS, Android)
  • 2013: Memory Mastermind
  • 2013: Boomlings MatchUp
  • 2013: Geometry Dash (iOS, Android)
  • 2014: Geometry Dash (Steam, Microsoft Windows, macOS)
  • 2014: Geometry Dash Lite (iOS, Android)
  • 2015: Geometry Dash Meltdown
  • 2016: Geometry Dash World
  • 2017: Geometry Dash SubZero

RobTop’s contributions to the gaming industry continue to be celebrated, and his legacy remains a significant part of the video game world.

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