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Romaisa Khan

Last Updated: May 2, 2024

Romaisa Khan (Urdu: رومیسہ خان; born December 4, 2000) is a prominent Pakistani personality known for her contributions as a YouTuber, TikToker, and actress. Hailing from Karachi, Khan embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry with her acting debut in the drama serial “Masters.”

Khan received her primary and secondary education from a local private school before pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Iqra University in Karachi.

In 2018, Khan launched her YouTube channel, primarily focusing on vlogs. She later expanded her presence by joining TikTok, amassing a significant following of 2.8 million by 2020. Notably, Khan has been vocal about advocating for stricter content moderation on TikTok, opposing proposals for its ban in Pakistan.

Transitioning to acting, Khan made her mark in the television industry with her role in the drama serial “Masters” in 2020. She continued to showcase her talent in various series, including “Meri Dilli Wali Girlfriend” (2021), “Paristan” (2022), “Noor” (2022), and “Chand Tara” (2023). Additionally, she ventured into the film industry, appearing in “Asaib” (2021) and “John” (2023).

Khan’s influence and entertainment prowess were acknowledged with the prestigious PISA Award for Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity in 2021, underscoring her impact on social media and the entertainment landscape in Pakistan.

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