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Tarang Jain


Tarang Jain, an Indian billionaire businessman, is widely recognized as the CEO and majority owner of Varroc,

Tarang Jain

Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Tarang Jain, an Indian billionaire businessman, is widely recognized as the CEO and majority owner of Varroc, a prominent manufacturer of parts for two- and four-wheelers in India. Born in either 1962 or 1963, Jain hails from a distinguished family background. His mother, Suman, is the sister of renowned industrialist Rahul Bajaj, while his father, Naresh Chandra Jain, founded Varroc. Notably, Jain has an identical twin brother named Anurang Jain, who oversees Endurance Technologies, another significant player in the automotive components sector.

Jain pursued his higher education at the University of Mumbai, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree. He furthered his academic pursuits by earning an MBA from IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland, enhancing his skills and knowledge in business management.

In 1990, Jain embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by establishing Varroc, which has since become a leading force in the automotive parts manufacturing industry in India. Under his leadership, the company has achieved remarkable growth and success, solidifying its position as a key player in the market.

One of Jain’s notable achievements occurred in 2012 when he made a significant acquisition by purchasing Visteon’s global lighting interests. This strategic move catapulted Varroc into the spotlight as it acquired the world’s sixth-largest lighting business, consolidating its presence in the automotive industry on a global scale.

Despite his professional commitments, Jain maintains a balanced personal life. He is married and has two children, residing in Aurangabad, India. His dedication to both his family and his business endeavors reflects his commitment to success and excellence in all aspects of his life.

With his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, Tarang Jain continues to steer Varroc towards greater heights, shaping the future of the automotive parts manufacturing sector in India and beyond.

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