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Todd Hackwelder

Last Updated: October 27, 2023

Todd Hackwelder, an American artist residing in Ilan, Taiwan, has been living and working as a graphic designer in Taiwan for over six years. In 2003, he founded Discontinued Magazine, a free art magazine in Taiwan, which will make a comeback this summer after a two-year hiatus.

Hack decided to pursue painting full-time last year and has already created over 350 paintings, with no plans to stop. He held his first solo show, “Blues 53,” at the Beat Studio Gallery in August 2007, and was also featured in the “Wild East Art Show” in January 2008. On May 3rd, Hack will be showcasing his first reggae art show at the River Bar in Chungli.

On May 31st, Hack will collaborate with Tim Nathan Joel for a show called “Numbers” at Beat Studio, where they will present an artistic interpretation of how numbers can be perceived as art. The show will feature hundreds of paintings and drawings at affordable prices, making it accessible to all art enthusiasts.

In July, Hack will participate in a large art festival in Syracuse, New York, before returning to Taiwan in August for more painting and exhibitions throughout the country. To stay up-to-date with his upcoming events, visit his website at www.haikeha.com.

One of Hack’s notable series is “One Eyed Clown,” which he signed using his Chinese name Hai Ke-ha (海克哈). His artwork features a unique blend of creativity and precision, as seen in his painting “Escape Dream,” which comprises four canvases that come together to form one large painting. The black and red color scheme used in this piece was inspired by Alleycat’s Pizza in Taipei.

Overall, Hack’s contribution to Taiwan’s contemporary art scene is significant, and his dedication to making art accessible to all is admirable. His upcoming shows are not to be missed, and his website provides further insight into his artistic journey.

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