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Tori Nishino

Tori Nishino

Model, Youtuber

Tori Nishino is an energetic and adventurous shuffle dancer. As founder of the dance crew Shoffolution, she can be seen dancing on the Santa Monica Pier, in the street, and even on a hike. Tori brings her infectious energy to her podcast.

Tori Nishino

Last Updated: October 27, 2023

Tori Nishino is a content creator and internet celebrity. Her journey began in the corporate world, where she donned pencil skirts and endured the routine of a 9-to-5 job. But that life left her unfulfilled and overworked. She felt a yearning for something more, even though she wasn’t entirely sure what that “more” was.

  • Name: Tori Nishino
  • Nationality: Japanese and Italian
  • Location: Santa Monica, CA
  • Occupation: Content Creator, Social Media Entrepreneur
  • Founder of: Shuffolution – A Professional Shuffle Team
  • Notable Appearance: America’s Got Talent Season 16 (Performance with Shuffolution)
  • Personal Interests: Wellness, Dance, Movement, Veganism, Travel, Outdoor Activities
  • Podcast: The High Vibe

Driven by her passions for wellness, movement, dance, and content creation, Tori embarked on a journey that ultimately led her to become a full-time Content Creator and Social Media Entrepreneur.

Most notably, she’s recognized for her free spirit and her distinctive, infectious laughter. While she’s serious about her love for shuffling, veganism, wellness, travel, the great outdoors, and personal growth, she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Tori’s path to her dream life hasn’t been without its challenges. She’s faced financial setbacks, panic attacks, and sleepless nights filled with anxiety about making ends meet. But she persevered, and today, she lives the life she once dreamed of.

Now, she’s paying it forward by teaching others how to take inspired action and follow their dreams while monetizing social media the right way.

Tori’s mission is to inspire everyone to live their best life and prove that it’s never too late to pursue their passions. She firmly believes that each person has a divine purpose on this earth, but too often, fear and self-doubt hold them back. Tori is dedicated to helping others discover their true potential, both in their bodies and in their lives.

When she’s not busy creating captivating content, you can find Tori dancing or cuddling with her beloved dog, Bon Bon. She soaks up the sun in a bikini while playing beach volleyball, goes rollerblading on the boardwalk, embarks on thrilling hikes and outdoor adventures, and hits the dance floor at music festivals. Her partner in crime is her boyfriend, Garet, with whom she creates the silliest dance videos. These days, she’s just as content to relax on the couch with a fine glass of wine and a good movie as she is to go out dancing.

And here are five intriguing facts about Tori Nishino:

  1. She’s the founder of the Professional Shuffle Team, Shuffolution, and they wowed the audience with their performance on America’s Got Talent Season 16.
  2. Tori faced and triumphed over an eating disorder and a prescription pill addiction that plagued six years of her life. Her journey from illness to happiness and health is an inspiring story of resilience.
  3. Fate led her to her boyfriend and love of her life, Garet, when she accidentally walked up to the wrong volleyball courts at the beach. Their love story blossomed under the stars at Coachella, and the rest is history.
  4. Tori is a proud fur mama who rescued the sweetest poodle mix from Mexico, lovingly named Bon Bon.
  5. Her ideal vacation involves either exploring a beautiful island with plenty of outdoor and water activities or dancing non-stop at a music festival. There’s no middle ground for her!

Tori Nishino’s infectious energy and adventurous spirit, whether through shuffle dancing or podcasting on “The High Vibe,” continue to uplift and empower those who follow her journey. She’s not just dancing; she’s dancing through life, inspiring wellness and personal growth, and helping others prioritize their health.

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