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Trishala Dutt


Trishala is the daughter of Sanjay and late actor Richa Sharma, who died of a brain tumour in 1996. Later, Dutt married Maanayata in the year 2008 and they are parents to twins, Shahraan and Iqra. Trishala was raised by her maternal grandparents in the USA.

Trishala Dutt

Last Updated: October 22, 2023

Trishala Dutt is an accomplished entrepreneur and the daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and his first wife, Richa Sharma. While she is not as prominent in the public eye as her father, Trishala has made a name for herself through her education, career, and social media presence.

Trishala was born on August 10, 1988, in the United States. She spent her early years in New York, where she pursued her education and built her career. She holds a degree in Law and Business Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. After completing her education, she established herself as a successful entrepreneur.

Trishala is known for her strong and independent personality. She often shares glimpses of her life on her social media accounts, where she has a substantial following. While she maintains a private life, she has been open about her experiences and challenges, inspiring many of her followers.

Despite her distance from the glitz and glamour of the Bollywood film industry, Trishala continues to be a subject of interest for fans of her father, Sanjay Dutt. She maintains a close and loving relationship with her family, even though she lives in a different country.

Trishala Dutt’s journey is a testament to her determination and ability to make a name for herself outside the world of showbiz. She is an example of a young woman who has pursued education and entrepreneurship with great dedication and has earned the respect of those who know her story.

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