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vijay sivan

Vijay Sivan

Actor, Film producer

Vijay Sivan is an Indian actor and producer who appears in Tamil cinema. He is best known for portraying Mathi in Kudimahaan (2023), road contractor in LKG (2019) and for lead roles in Kuttidhadha , Just for Jatti and Dhur were supposed to be released in 2019.

Vijay Sivan

Last Updated: January 7, 2024

Vijay Sivan: Tamil Actor and Producer

Early Life:
Vijay Sivan, the acclaimed Indian actor and producer, was born in Tamil Nadu, India. While details about his early life remain private, his impactful career in the Tamil film industry has gained him recognition and appreciation.

Career Beginnings:
Vijay Sivan marked his entry into the world of Tamil cinema in 2019 and has been actively contributing to the industry since. His debut film, “LKG” (2019), showcased his versatility as an actor, where he portrayed the character of a Road Contractor. The film gained attention for its unique storyline and earned Vijay Sivan a place among the emerging talents in the Tamil film fraternity.

Breakthrough Role:
The turning point in Vijay Sivan’s career came with his portrayal of Mathi in the 2023 release, “Kudimahaan.” The film not only featured him as the lead actor but also highlighted his prowess as a producer. His role as Mathi received widespread critical acclaim, establishing Vijay Sivan as a performer capable of delivering impactful and memorable characters on screen.


  • 2019: “LKG”
  • Role: Road Contractor
  • 2023: “Kudimahaan”
  • Role: Mathi (Hero, Producer)

Vijay Sivan’s filmography showcases a commitment to diverse roles, from a road contractor in the political drama “LKG” to the lead character Mathi in the acclaimed “Kudimahaan.”

Recognition and Critical Acclaim:
Vijay Sivan’s performance in “Kudimahaan” garnered not only audience appreciation but also critical acclaim. The film industry recognized his talent, solidifying his position as a notable actor and producer in Tamil cinema.

Upcoming Projects:
Apart from his notable works, Vijay Sivan was set to enthrall audiences with lead roles in films like “Kuttidhadha,” “Just for Jatti,” and “Dhur,” all scheduled for release in 2019. These projects were anticipated to further showcase his range as an actor.

Personal Life:
While details about Vijay Sivan’s personal life remain private, his dedication to his craft and his impactful contributions to Tamil cinema speak volumes about his commitment to the industry.

Legacy and Impact:
Vijay Sivan’s journey in Tamil cinema, marked by diverse roles and a breakthrough performance in “Kudimahaan,” leaves an indelible mark. As an actor and producer, he continues to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of Tamil cinema, earning admiration from audiences and peers alike.

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