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Zuni Chopra


Zuni Chopra, a rising star in the world of Indian literature, has captured hearts and minds with her talent and creativity

Zuni Chopra

Last Updated: October 27, 2023

Zuni Chopra, a rising star in the world of Indian literature, has captured hearts and minds with her talent and creativity. Born around 2001 or 2002, she is making her mark as an accomplished author, despite her young age.

Literary Roots:
Zuni Chopra, the daughter of renowned filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra and acclaimed journalist Anupama Chopra, carries the literary legacy of her family. With Kamna Chandra as her grandmother and Vikram Chandra as her maternal uncle, creativity flows through her veins.

A Gifted Author:
Zuni is best known for her novel “The House That Spoke,” a literary gem that garnered attention and acclaim. Notably, she has authored three other books that showcase her literary prowess and storytelling finesse.

The Power of Words:
Zuni’s writing extends beyond traditional novels. Her poem, “The Mountain Range,” struck a chord with many as it shed light on the immense pressure faced by students during exams. This poignant piece resonated deeply within Indian media.

A Quest for Knowledge:
Zuni Chopra’s thirst for knowledge led her to pursue higher education at the prestigious Stanford University, where she embarked on a journey of creative writing in September 2019. Her dedication to her craft promises a bright future in the literary world.

Recognition and Accolades:
Zuni’s talent has not gone unnoticed. She was shortlisted for the Young Author Awards in 2018, a testament to her exceptional writing abilities.

Literary Creations:
Zuni’s literary journey began with her first book of poetry, “The Land of Dreams,” published by Ameya Prakashan in 2011. Her second collection of poetry, “Painting with Words,” followed in 2014. Both works are dedicated to her cherished family.

Her debut novel, “The House That Spoke,” published by Penguin Random House India when she was just 15, showcases her storytelling maturity. Although originally set in London, Zuni’s dedication to her craft led her to relocate the story to the enchanting backdrop of Kashmir.

Her second book, “The Island of the Day Before,” released in 2018, presents a captivating collection of stories, flash fiction, and poetry that further demonstrates her versatility as a writer.

Zuni Chopra’s literary journey is a testament to her remarkable talent and determination. With a bright future ahead, she continues to captivate readers and inspire aspiring writers with her creative endeavors.

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