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Suman Prasad is an Indian fine artist, famous in India for her wall murals. She is founder of FlaminArt. She provides training to new talent in fine art, painting, dance, music and animation through the academy. Along with training new talent, it is also providing a platform to them.

Early life & education[edit | edit source]

She is from Kadma, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and completed her graduation in She wanted to become an animator but turned into wall mural art.

Suman Prasad, coming from Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, achieved success by working hard herself. She got success after hard work and patience. Through her company, she is not only doing commercial projects but also making her valuable contribution in making Jamshedpur clean and beautiful. You will find work done by Suman Prasad in many main areas and places of Jamshedpur.

Founder of FlaminArt[edit | edit source]

Suman Prasad, through his company ‘FlaminArt’, works in wall painting and commercial graphic design, also provides training to new talent in fine art, painting, dance, music and animation through the academy. Along with training new talent, it is also providing a platform to them. Suman Prasad also gives social messages through wall painting.

Interview[edit | edit source]

During a conversation with FamePublish, Suman Prasad says that I was born in a middle-class family in Jamshedpur city of Jharkhand. I studied B.Com from Ranchi University. Along with this, I trained Fine Arts for 8 years and Animation for 2.5 years. Everything was going normal but an incident changed my life.

After this I started working in 2010 and then understood the importance of money. Animation and fine art have always been with me but it was also necessary to do a job. After this, I saw the concept of wall painting in a Facebook post, which I liked very much. I already loved painting but art and painting were not preferred in Jamshedpur.

After two years of work, I quit my job and started working on my own. It was difficult to leave the job but I had to work for myself. I started the work of making wall paintings but no order came in the first few days. When I was new in the field, people thought that I would spoil the wall of their house.

After this, a relative of mine gave me the work of wall painting. After finishing the work, gave me some money and appreciated the work too. Once I got the work, I put its photo on Facebook, then I started getting both work and praise.

After this I got my first commercial project from a wall painting of a hospital. After finishing this project I not only got Rs 10,000 which was two and a half times the salary of my job 4000. With this I got many orders and my work started getting attention.

After this, the work of my company and mine started progressing. The money we got from the first project, we spent in marketing, which gave us the project. We worked in many important places in Jamshedpur which started marketing us. People started knowing us through our work.

Ankita Agiwal, Nisha Jha, Ujjwal, Shubham, Neeraj as well as many artists were supported to pursue Flaminart. People started posting selfies on social media with our paintings made, which earned us a lot of fame in Jamshedpur.

By 2016, our work was in progress and we started to need less marketing. We got the opportunity to work in Jamshedpur’s famous restaurants Time Out, Softy Corner, Dugout and Sky 180 as well as Tata Nagar, SSP Office, Indian Army Camp, Tatanagar Railway Station and Tata Steel Plant.

Along with the Flaminart Company, I also started an academy where classes of dance, music, art and craft, animation and painting are provided. When we started, people did not take Art and Craft very seriously but everything changed with time and today our academy is also going well.

Live paintings[edit | edit source]

Suman Prasad, who made fine art his career, now also attends live events. In these events she perform a live painting, which has given her a different identity. She has performed in Jamshedpur, Raigad and Indore so far.

Instead of compromising with the situations, Suman Prasad converted hard work and passion into success and happiness. Self-confidence and art have brought her fame. Her story has found a place on print and social media. Along with this, famous Bollywood director Prakash Jha invited her to meet her. She was also honored with several forums including Aparajita Samman, Citation from Indian Army, Dainik Bhaskar, Inner Wheel Club and Aggarwal Samaj as well as Indian Railways.

Suman Prasad has done a traditional painting on the life of famous revolutionary Birsa Munda of Jharkhand along with Prakash Jha at P&M Mall in Jamshedpur, which gave the people a chance to get familiar with Jharkhand and its culture.

Suman Prasad says that there was a time when people used to tell me that no career can be made in art and painting. Not everyone can become M F Hussain, but hard work has made this place today. Now the same people come to me to seek advice for their children to pursue a career in fine art. So whatever work you do, do it from the heart. You will definitely get success.

Event host[edit | edit source]

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