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List of Geometry Dash levels

Geometry Dash is a free full version game that people can experience on computers, laptops, and handheld devices: iPad, iPhone, etc. Geometry Dash Lite Download Geometry Dash is a Spin-off game which is established on August 13, 2013. Geometry Dash is a series of five video games developed by

Kicko & Super Speedo

Kicko & Super Speedo is an Indian action-comedy animated series that airs on Indian pay television channel Sony Yay. The show is produced by Green Gold Animations and all of its episodes are directed by Rishi Chadha and they are written by Amit Senchoudhary. Plot The series, set in Sun City, revolves around Kicko and his supercar, Super

Meena ethnic religion

Meena ethnic religion is an indigenous religion among the Meena tribe in the parts of Rajasthan and northern parts of Madhya Pradesh, and is largely a sub-part of Hindu culture. The Meena associate with Matsya avatar, one of the incarnations (dashavatara) of the Hindu deity Vishnu. This includes

Shrine Exposition Hall

The Shrine Exposition Hall is a multi-purpose event facility located in Los Angeles, California, adjacent to the Shrine Auditorium. It features 54,000 square feet (5,000 m2) of exhibit and meeting space—34,000 in the main level and 20,000 in an open mezzanine. The Exposition Hall has a capacity of 5,000 patrons. Trade

Battle of Qarawal

The Battle of Qarawal was fought Between the Sikhs under the command of Charat Singh against the Afghan forces lead by Ahmad Shah Abdali and his Kalat ally Nasir Khan.It was in this battle that Afghan and Kalati forces were able to defeat the Sikhs and force them to withdraw to Amritsar. Background Following Ahmad Shah's