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Meena ethnic religion


Meena ethnic religion is an indigenous religion among the Meena tribe in the parts of Rajasthan and northern parts of Madhya Pradesh, and is largely a sub-part of Hindu culture. The Meena associate with Matsya avatar, one of the incarnations (dashavatara) of the Hindu deity Vishnu.

This includes worshipping and protecting trees during various cultural festivals and the worshipping of buffalos, especially during the festival of Diwali, which occurs just after the harvest season, out of respect for their important role in local agriculture-based economy.

Modern period

The Meenas are part of larger Hindu culture, revering the Trimurti and its different incarnations as well as the Hindu goddess Ambika. Meena also worship their local deities depending on their gotha (linage) and kola (family or clan).[1]

The Meenas are firm believers and protectors of Hindu culture in eastern Rajasthan and the Chambal Bundelkhand Malwa parts of Madhya Pradesh. The continue to advocate for their ethnic beliefs, which were part of larger Sanatan culture throughout the rule of Muslim Invaders and later during British period.

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